Powered Air Purifying Respirator

An innovative Powered Air Purifying Respirator offering the highest protection in its class!

We offer a new economical, fan-assisted, light weight, full face respirator that is both technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

Cooler and more Comfortable

Many of the respirators on the market cause discomfort and have limitations. Our respirator is easy to wear, comfortable, cooler and cleaner in all environments.

High Protection

The complete unit is classified as an EN12942 TM3P mask which is the highest standard in Europe. The respirator warns the user if there are any leaks in the mask and ensures that the pressure stays positive. Due to this positive pressure, it is safer for the user to use the respirator.

Unimpeded Visibility and Excellent Communication

The line of sight is unrestricted due to the construction of the mask. This not only makes it easy to work but allows other people to see the user’s facial expressions. Verbal communication and telephone calls are easily performed too.

Low Cost

Our respirator costs less than a tenth of comparable products on the market. Due to its breath responsive function, the unit only filters as much air as necessary for the user.

Effective in Various Fields

Generally different hazards require different respirators. However, this respirator can be used in various fields, providing ease of use, safety and comfort. Some examples are:

  • Building and demolition
  • Carpenters and plumbers
  • Law enforcement or military defence
  • Doctors and medical work

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